Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Mini Home Decor Projects

I haven’t started any major projects lately, but I thought I would do a roundup of the mini home decor projects I’ve completed since the start of 2021! First up, I had thought… Continue reading

Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Original Crochet Dragon

My mother-in-law asked if I could crochet her a dragon aeons ago. It was so long ago that I don’t even remember when she asked me, but the metadata tells me this initial… Continue reading

House Update: Kitchen

Today I present to you the most dramatic before and after room reveal yet… the kitchen! The kitchen underwent major renovations. Let’s take a look at the ‘before’ photos: As you can see,… Continue reading

Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Macramé Wall Hanging

As I mentioned in my last blog post on the library, because the bookshelf was so colourful and busy, I wanted to keep the rest of the room quite neutral. I thought the… Continue reading

House Update: Library

Time to do another room reveal! This time it’s the back room, which looked like this when we moved in: The obvious plan for this room was a guest bedroom, but I didn’t… Continue reading

House Update: Dining Room

Hubby and I bought our house in August 2014. More than five years on, I finally have a finished room to share! First, the ‘before’ photos: The back area was styled as a… Continue reading

Cooking with Little Miss Ling: Bauernschmaus

I am fast approaching the end of week three of four weeks of annual leave. While being mostly quarantined at home, unable to spend time with friends and family, was not what I… Continue reading

Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Crochet plant cozy

I wanted to add a feature to the plain, white walled toilet, and thought some greenery in these hexagon design wall mounted shelves from Amazon would fit the bill quite nicely! Being the… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Japan

This was the opening sentence of my draft post from October last year: Please enjoy the food highlights of my recent 21-day trip to Japan, from Tokyo to Hiroshima! Hahaha… given the trip… Continue reading

Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Crochet guinea pigs

Remember the crochet bell ornaments I made on commission for a work friend at the end of 2016? Well, the same friend commissioned me to crochet her a couple of guinea pigs to… Continue reading