Dining with Little Miss Ling: Café Louvre, Prague, Czech Republic

Café Louvre

Truth be told, hubby and I didn’t find Café Louvre to be a particularly exciting dining option. The food was perfectly fine, and we did enjoy it; It just didn’t have the wow factor for us.

(Hover over the photos for the names of the dishes, and click to see full size image.)

That is, until I ordered dessert.

Fried Apple with Cinnamon and Vanilla Sauce

Fried Apple with Cinnamon and Vanilla Sauce

AMAZING! The crunch of the batter, the sweetness of the apple, the hint of cinnamon, all doused in vanilla sauce. YUM! My only complaint is the apples weren’t peeled, so some mouthfuls contained chewy bits of peel. An unfortunate oversight for what would otherwise have been the perfect dessert!