Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Laptop Case

I bought a Sony VAIO S Series in January 2012 and needed a laptop case for it. The cases I could find in shops were hideous, and the cute cases I could find on Etsy were too small. Both were very expensive. So with mum’s help (and a little help from dad as well) I made my own.

Laptop case

How cute is this fabric I found at Spotlight?

Laptop case

I thought it would be cute to have a different coloured lining so I recycled an old pink and white checked pillowcase

I bought a sheet of foam from Clark Rubber to use as padding. Once the foam was sandwiched in between the fabric, everything was hand stitched together with bias tape.

It wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it! I love my laptop case, and it’s that much more special knowing that my parents and I worked on it together, and that it is completely unique to me!

How often do you make something instead of buying it?