Cooking with Little Miss Ling: Grilled Chicken Wings

I’ve always thought of this dish as Cantonese cuisine because mum always made it at home and we always ate it alongside other Chinese dishes served with rice. But now that I think about it, grilled chicken wings are probably found in many nations’ cuisines.

You can call it whatever cuisine you want, but I hope we can agree that grilled chicken wings are delicious when cooked well.

Below is mum’s recipe. Naturally, you can marinate the chicken wings with whatever you like, but below is my favourite way of preparing them.

Grilled Chicken Wings500g chicken wings, segmented
white pepper

  1. Marinate the chicken wings with salt overnight.
  2. The next morning, add sugar and white pepper to the chicken wings and continue to marinate until the evening.
  3. Preheat the grill to 230°C.
  4. Arrange the chicken wings on a rack and grill for about 15 minutes until the top is golden brown. Turn the chicken wings over and grill the other side for about 10 minutes until it is also golden brown.
Grilled Chicken Wings with Wombok and Rice

I like to serve the chicken wings alongside a sweeter and more saucy vegetable dish, such as wombok, and of course, rice!

Grilled Chicken Wings