Dining with Little Miss Ling: Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen, Todtnau, Germany

Hubby and I took advantage of the long weekend last week and finally visited the Black Forest. It was more beautiful than I imagined.

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We stayed in the beautiful town of Todtnau, at Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen.

The view from our hotel room window (Click to see full size image.)

The food at Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen was absolutely divine. In fact, I enjoyed my dinner so much, that I couldn’t pass up on ordering the same thing the next day!

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen

Rindersalat (Complimentary)

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen

“Frühlingstrio” – Spargel Terrine, Räucherlachs und Spargelcremesüppchen (€8.50) – The terrine had a smooth, silky texture and the delicate flavour of the white asparagus really shone through

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen

Kalbsrücken Medaillon an Frischkäsesoße dazu Frühlingsgemüse und Kroketten (€19.50)

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen

The veal medallions were cooked to perfection and the meat oh-so-tender; the croquettes were crunchy on the outside and buttery smooth on the inside; I couldn’t resist ordering it again!

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen

Hirschrückensteak mit Preiselbeersoße, Ofengemüse und hausgemachte Spätzle (€24.50)

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen

Stangenspargel mit Hollandaise dazu Kartoffeln (€16.00) + Schweineschnitzel paniert (€5.50)

And of course, we had to try the famous Black Forest cake…

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen

Our huge slab of Black Forest cake

Hubby absolutely loved it, but for someone like me, who doesn’t like alcohol at all, it was way too boozy.

Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen has it all: gorgeous surroundings, amazing food, and friendly service. And for those thrill seekers out there, there’s the Hasenhorn Coaster  within walking distance from the hotel, a 2.9km toboggan run where you have complete control over the speed!

Hasenhorn Coaster (Click to see full size image.)

Hubby and I shared a toboggan where he “drove” and I sat in the front. I screamed for a good part of the run, and every time we were about to round a tight curve I would scream, “BRAAAAAKES!”, but it was unbelievably fun!