Dining with Little Miss Ling: Würzburger Weindorf, Germany

Tag! Lange nicht gesehen!

Fret not! My absence from the blogosphere is not a reflection of my absence from the foodosphere. Oh no. It’s just that my impending Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer had taken over my life somewhat. But now that it’s over, I have a huge backlog of posts to tackle, and what better way to start than with something typically German!

Weindorf is one of my favourite annual festivals in Würzburg because of the delicious food on offer. It was at the 2012 Weindorf that I had my first taste of Schupfnudeln and it was love at first bite!

The other dish I fell in love with was Fränkischer Bauernschmaus, which we always get from Greifenstein’s Weinlauben.

Literally translating to “Franconian Farmer’s Feast”, it is simple and hearty, and oh-so-delicious!

Fränkischer Bauernschmaus

Fränkischer Bauernschmaus – rote & weiße hausmacher Wurst mit Kartoffeln & Ei (€6)

I am yet to recreate this dish at home, but with such basic ingredients as red and white sausages, potatoes and egg, I really have no excuse!

Hubby and I ventured into new territory at Weindorf this year and dined at Wittelsbacher Höh.

Wittelsbacher HöhThe Maultaschen were so good! I had only had boiled Maultaschen before, and I was already sold. But how anyone could possibly resist Maultaschen sautéed in butter until they form a beautiful golden crust is beyond me!

Maultaschen Finally, what self-respecting foodies would we be if we didn’t order at least one glass of wine at a wine festival. So I present to you, a glass of strawberry punch to wash everything down! Prost!