Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Upcycled Conference Name Tags

I love quick little projects to brighten up the home.

I’ve been collecting hubby’s conference name tags, thinking that I could make some kind of photo display with them.

Well, I didn’t end up making a photo display, but I made this instead:

Repurposed Conference Name TagsActually, hubby and I made it together. They are all drawings of silly songs that we’ve made up over the years.

Repurposed Conference Name Tags

You are My Buttface – to the tune of You are My Sunshine. ‘Buttface’ is one of the many sweet and affectionate nicknames hubby and I have for each other =p

Repurposed Conference Name Tags

There are Rabbits at ANU – made up by yours truly when I saw how many wild rabbits there were at Australian National University, just casually roaming the campus grounds!

Repurposed Conference Name Tags

Coffee with a Nectarine – a jingle made up by hubby while cutting up nectarines

Repurposed Conference Name Tags

Purple Hippopotamus – a never ending song I made up about a purple carnivorous hippopotamus

Repurposed Conference Name Tags

Runaway Pea – a stroke of musical genius by hubby while eating, when a pea rolled off his plate and onto the floor

Ten points if you can guess who drew what!