Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Sir Stripe-a-Lot

As I mentioned in this blog entry, I recently signed up for the FreshStitches Kit Club, a subscription to an amigurumi crochet kit every other month. I received my first kit of Teddy the Bear almost two months ago, and I’m so excited to show you my work!

The “special something” included in this kit was Kool-Aid!


I was very confused when I first opened the kit. I thought that they must’ve been a strange “welcome to the club” present. Like, “Cheers! Have a refreshing beverage on us!” That was until I read the instructions.

Did you know you could use Kool-Aid to dye your own yarn?

Kool-Aid Dye

I received two packets of blue Kool-Aid and one packet of orange Kool-Aid. Being the nerd that I am, I decided to use those proportions as a guide for dying my yarn. I didn’t want too much white between the colours, so I carefully dipped as much yarn as I could in each colour, without them mixing into brown.

Kool-Aid Dye

The yarn came out more vibrant than I had imagined!

Kool-Aid dyed yarn

I wound my first ball of yarn from a skein, by hand of course. I was impressed by how spherical it turned out!

Kool-Aid dyed ball of yarn

Here are all the finished components. Don’t you love the striped effect the Kool-Aid dye created? I decided to use a plain white yarn for the snout for a more contrast between the head and the snout, and between the snout and the nose.

Teddy the Bear components

And here’s the final amigurumi! Everybody, meet Sir Stripe-a-Lot!

Teddy the Bear

I’m so happy with my choice of white yarn for the snout. I think he looks extra cute because of it! What do you think?