Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Chicken Treat Crochet

Hello from sunny Perth, Australia!

I’ve been a busy little bee since my last blog entry. Hubby and I packed up our lives in Germany and moved back to our hometown on the opposite side of the world!

It’s so lovely to be finally back in Perth. It’s been five years since I first moved away and I can’t wait to rediscover the city!

One of the best things about moving back to Perth is being close to my family and friends. Something I’d really like to do now that I’m in the same city as a lot of my friends, and a lot closer to my friends in the eastern states, is to make an effort to prepare homemade gifts for birthdays.

Honestly, I haven’t done that well in that department so far. I’ve only been back in Perth for less than a month, but I’ve already missed three friends’ birthdays. It’s tricky to make homemade gifts when I’m doing job applications every waking moment and when all my stuff is still making its way back to me from Germany.

Nonetheless, I did succeed for one very important person’s birthday – mum.

Chicken Treat is a West Australian roast chicken fast food restaurant chain. Do I like it? Meh. But what I, and more importantly mum, like is the Chicken Treat animated chicken.

So I decided to try my hand at creating my own pattern and crochet the Chicken Treat mascot as mum’s birthday present.

Chicken Treat

I think he would’ve looked a lot cuter if I used black plastic eyes. The crocheted eyes make him look like he’s wearing John Lennon sunglasses.

I still have a tonne to learn in order to make the shapes that I want, but I think it was a decent first effort.

I’m happy to report that mum liked it, as did hubby and the rest of the family! ^_^

What do you think?