Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Pete the Chick in an Egg

Woohoo! It’s time to reveal the fourth instalment of the FreshStitches Kit Club!

For the fourth instalment of the FreshStitches Kit Club, I received the pattern for Russ the Chick in an Egg and instructions for felting.

Crochet Chick in an Egg

Before felting:

Pete the Chick in an Egg

The instructions recommended throwing the pieces into the washing machine set to hot, preferably with a few other things to help it all agitate. Our washing machine can get up to 90°C but only on a long cycle. On a quick cycle, which is what we normally select, the temperature can only get up to 60°C. I couldn’t justify setting the washing machine to a long 90°C cycle, so I ended up doing a quick 60°C cycle and threw in all our towels with the crocheted pieces.

The beak and one of the feet ended up getting stuck in the crevice of the front loader door and didn’t felt very well. The other foot, the wings and the chick’s body felted quite well. The eggshell felted a little but didn’t shrink as much as the chick’s body.

I put the beak, the foot and the eggshell through the washing machine two more times. To stop them from getting stuck in the crevice of the front loader door again, I put them in a laundry bag. I don’t know if that was the reason, but they never felted quite as well as the other components from the first cycle. But I was getting impatient and just wanted to sew it all together at this stage, so I did.

Pete the Chick in an Egg

My rather misshapen egg

Pete the Chick in an Egg

with a fuzzy surprise within!

You can see from the photo that I could have felted my pieces more as the crochet texture is still quite evident, but it’s definitely a lot smoother than before the felting process. You can also see that one foot is bigger than the other.

I think he’s a cutie nonetheless!

As has become tradition, I needed to give him a meaningful name. Russ just didn’t cut it. When I showed the chick to hubby, he said, “He’s got a cone-shaped head like me!” so we decided to name him Pete, after hubby.

Welcome to the family Pete the Chick in an Egg!