Dining with Little Miss Ling: Würzburg, Germany

Hubby and I have been back in Perth for two months now and there are so many exciting changes ahead!

After two years of being a Hausfrau, I’m working fulltime again! People always gush about how amazing it would have been to have a two year holiday, but as I said in my About section, the transition from workaholic to Hausfrau was difficult! I made the most of it, as my blog is a testament to, but I am really looking forward to being challenged in a professional environment again!

Now that I’ve ticked off find fulltime employment on my to do list, hubby and I get to move onto the next item – buy a house! Super exciting and stressful times ahead!

With a mortgage in tow, hubby and I will have to be much more careful with our finances. I spent the last few days completing the gruelling task of budget planning. Dining out is accounted for in the budget, so I’ll still have restaurant recommendations, but we definitely won’t be dining out as much as we did in Germany. On the other hand, it should mean that I’ll have more home cooked recipes to share with you!

So as to not neglect my blog during all these upcoming changes, I thought now would be a good time to reminisce about some of the delicious food hubby and I experienced in our time in Würzburg.

Bratwurststand am Würzburger Markt K. Knüpfing:

Bratwurststand am Markt K. Knüpfing - Original Fränkische Würzburger Bratwurst mit Senf und Brötchen €2

Original Fränkische Würzburger Bratwurst mit Senf und Brötchen €2

Café MuCK:

Goldene Gans:

Wirtshaus Lämmle:

Fränkische Stuben:

Fränkische Stuben

Deftiger Bauernschmaus in der Pfanne serviert – Hausmacher rote und weiße Wurst, Bratkartoffeln, Zwiebeln und Ei, dazu Salate der Saison €10.90

Alte Mainmühle:

Alte Mainmühle

Fränkischer Sauerbraten mit geschmelzten Kartoffelklößen und Apfel-Rotkraut €16.00


(Hover over the photos for the names of the dishes, and click to see full size image.)

Is anyone else in the same boat as hubby and I, looking to buy a house? If so, I’d love to hear about it! And if anyone would be interested in reading a bit more on how I planned our budget and the resources I used, let me know in the comments!