Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Catching up with my FreshStitches Kit Club

Happy new year! How has everyone’s 2015 been so far? Any new year’s resolutions? Broken any already?

I think I’ve gotten better at making new year’s resolutions over the years. From sweeping statements in high school like “Be a better daughter/sister/friend” to much more measurable goals like “Read the entire Bible in a year”. The latter was successfully achieved, well… a year plus a day. The former… a work in progress. =p

I’ve found that I’m more likely to achieve my goals when they are part of my routine. What I mean by that is, I can’t just resolve to “exercise more”, I have to put it into my daily routine. So something like, “finish work, exercise, prepare dinner”.

Alternatively, I need an external impetus to drive me towards my goals and keep me accountable. For example, one of the main reasons I managed to read the entire Bible in a year was because I signed up for a Bible reading plan that had set daily readings.

This need for an external impetus was what convinced me to join the FreshStitches Kit Club and it has worked a treat.

Hubby and I bought a house in August last year and it has been a busy time trying to set up our new home while working fulltime, hence the blog hiatus! I definitely would not have crocheted at all if it wasn’t for the FreshStitches Kit Club sending me a kit every two months. At times, it just added to my stress levels as I received a new kit before making a start on the previous one, but I am glad for it.

I recently caught up with all my kits and it felt so good! Let me introduce you.

Sprocket the RobotSprocket the Robot with his beaded heart

Hannah the Slug with her ombre striped body (Click to see full size image.)

Gordon the FlamingoGordon the Flamingo relaxing in this private backyard lagoon

Unfortunately, Hubby and I seem to have run out of creative, meaningful names for these guys. We tried to name the robot several times but none of the names stuck. So ingeniously, we call them Robot, Sluggy and Birdie. So original, right?

I loved learning how to make Robot’s crisp edges and I’m thinking of using the technique to make a tissue box cover. Sluggy has moved across the country to live in Canberra with my friend, and Birdie will probably be heading that way too. He has a rattle insert so I’m thinking my friend’s little one might enjoy a new cuddly buddy!

I’m going to save the most recent kit for later as she’ll be making her way to Canberra to yet another friend and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for her!