Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Crochet love

One thing I really like about crochet is that I don’t need a whole lot of materials or time to get stuck into a project. I’ve been toying with the idea of scrapbooking again, as well as a list of projects to beautify the home, but they all seem so overwhelming to me right now. I’d need to get the materials, clear a space for it, make sure I have a good chunk of time to spend on the project so that it doesn’t end up just lying around for weeks or months on end.

Not so with crochet. All I need is some yarn, a hook, and away I go! I can do it while watching TV, I can do it for five minutes, I can do it for hours. It’s the one crafty project that I feel quite comfortable picking up and putting down whenever I feel like.

Hubby’s grandma loves cats. Her house is decorated with cats. We were planning on visiting her, and I really wanted to crochet her a cat as a present. I found this little pattern which took no time at all to complete. I used the yarn that I dyed with Kool-Aid to get a tabby cat pattern without having to change yarn, and gave the kitty white ears and paws.

CatI don’t know why, but something about this kitty reminds me of the cats in Santorini.


The FreshStitches Kit Club also provided me with perfect gift projects.

Meet Flo, the Scottish sunflower with a lisp.

FlowerThe crazy eyes reminded me of Daffy Duck, which is probably why Flo instantly had a lisp. I’m not sure where the Scottish accent came from though!

The kit for the blingy fish originally came with some teal yarn, but since it came with gold sequins, I wanted to turn the fish into a goldfish or koi, so I switched up the yarn with some yellow yarn I had.

FishI might have gone a bit overboard with the number of sequins I crocheted on, or maybe my technique wasn’t quite right, because it was impossible to get the scales to lie flat. The fish ended up looking a bit like a puffed up blowfish with its scales sticking up!

Finally, I wanted to share an adorable photo of my friend’s little one with the flamingo I crocheted for him.

Gordon the FlamingoAnd that, my friend, makes it all worthwhile.