Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Crochet, crochet and more crochet!

Once again, I have a backlog of crochet projects to share.

First up, meet Snowy. I made him a year ago as part of the FreshStitches Kit Club, but I haven’t been able to share him on the blog because I’ve only recently managed to catch up with the friend whom I made Snowy for!


The special feature of this kit was a bonus pattern for a hat for Snowy, but I didn’t think the hat suited Snowy’s personal style, so I gave the hat to Pete instead.

Pete the Chick in an Egg

Don’t you think it suits him so well?

Next up we have Scrappy.

My father-in-law asked for a second amigurumi for Christmas to keep Buzzbee company. I thought he’d appreciate something a bit odd and remembered this free crochet pattern from FreshStitches. Cute in a weird way, with a hint of crazy – perfect!


I only strayed from the pattern to give him a proper nose. That, plus the choice of colour, and the positioning of his eyes and ears gave Scrappy a much cuter and less crazy appearance. I love how he turned out!


Mind you, he still has a bit of crazy in him!