Etsy Resolution


I signed up for Etsy Resolution, a free four week program that helps you launch your Etsy shop.

The program started on 25 January and finished 22 February, but being me, I haven’t been following along. I’d like to say it’s been a busy month, what with starting my new job and going to Canberra, but we all know that would just be an excuse.

Never mind! Better late than never right?

The first thing we were asked to do was to set our Etsy goal. My ultimate goal would be to turn this into a sustainable business outside of my full-time job, but given it’s taken two years of coaxing from everyone to get me to even just open an Etsy shop, I don’t think I have it in me to set a bold goal with sales targets and timeframes.

Is it super lame to set the goal of giving this venture my best shot?


But we’ll all have to live with that for the time being.

For my major milestones, I will:

  • open an Etsy shop (completed)
  • announce my intention on my blog (completed)
  • introduce myself on the Etsy Resolution Facebook group
  • complete the Etsy Resolution program
  • officially launch my Etsy shop

Now that I’ve opened an Etsy shop, I don’t want this preparation phase to drag on. Did you know that your listing only lasts for four months and you have to pay 27 cents per listing?! So now that I’m 27 cents invested, I want to get my butt into gear and start making my shop the best it can be. So that means taking time each week to read through the lesson, making a list of any materials I need to purchase or any research I need to do, allocating the time to the former, completing the homework, and sharing it with the Facebook group.

With the support of hubby, I should be able to manage that… right?