Etsy Resolution Week 1: Perfecting your product photography

Week 1 of the Etsy Resolution program was all about perfecting your product photography, and got you thinking about lighting, backgrounds, and editing.

Eventually, I would like to be selling my original amigurumi, their patterns, and even taking custom orders. I’d also like to give illustrating and lettering cards a shot. But my immediate goal is to sell the upcycled cereal box booklets I made in Germany, so that’s what I focused my photography efforts on for this lesson.

After browsing Etsy thumbnails, I decided I liked a bright, clean and simple aesthetic.I really liked the photography of MeticulousInk and VBSgoodies, and thought those kinds of shots would work well for my booklets.

We are told that natural light is best, but working full-time meant that I only had the weekend to shoot in natural light. Rather inconvenient, but I spent a few hours one weekend shooting all my booklets on a white A3 piece of paper.

I spent hours editing the photos on my phone using A Color Story, but when I imported them to my computer and saw them on a bigger screen, I realised the photos were not up to scratch.

You could see the creases in the A3 paper, and the white background had a blue grey cast no matter how I tried to edit it.



I was most annoyed.

I took to the Etsy Resolution 2016 – AU/NZ Support Group for advice. I asked whether people knew of a free software similar to Photoshop, that could either blur the creases in my background, or have a lasso tool that I could use to cut out the booklet and put it onto a completely white background.

The support in that group is beyond amazing. Everyone is so encouraging and constructive!

Some of the suggestions I received were:

  • taking my iPhone out of the flat lay as the Totoro case was too distracting
  • using a different background as there was too much white in the photo (one person suggested using grass)
  • buying a light tent so I could have more flexibility in when I could shoot
  • using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) as a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop
  • using Inkscape as a free alternative for Adobe Illustrator

I took as many of the suggestions on board as possible, and below are some examples of the result.




I would love for you to visit my Etsy shop and browse through the rest of the photos and let me know what you think!