Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Steggy

The final kit I received in the FreshStitches Kit Club was Spike the Stegosaurus.

For me it felt like I had come full circle. The first “special something” I received as part of the FreshStitches Kit Club was Kool-Aid, and it was also the last!

The first time involved dying the yarn with Kool-Aid before crocheting. This time you were meant to use the Kool-Aid to paint your design onto the completed stegosaurus.

I crocheted all the parts – four legs, five spikes, two eyes and a body. I started attaching everything together – first the legs, then the spikes.


I used stitch markers to mark out where I wanted to paint the stegosaurus.


He looks like a punk with all those piercings, doesn’t he? =p

I wanted to paint him before attaching the eyes, so as to not get any colour on the eyeballs.

But then I looked at him. And he was just the way I wanted him. White and eyeless.


I shall name him Steggy and he shall be mine.

I think he looks really swish! Like a really cool piece of home décor!