Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Angry Pear

One of the reasons I cancelled my FreshStitches Kit Club subscription was that I wanted to invest more time into creating my own original amigurumi.

I had been eyeing Stacey Trock’s Design Your Own Monster class for years, so when there was a coupon code for it, I snapped it up!

The class was a little more basic than I expected, but I still found Stacey’s design tips very handy.

As part of the class, I crocheted this little guy:


Angry Pear is VERY angry.

And he was most unimpressed being hung on a tree.

PearI love him so much!!! ^_____^

I kind of want to take him to work and leave him on my desk, but I also love having him at home.

I don’t know! >_<

In other news, if you want to draw some creatures for me to try to crochet, monsters or otherwise, then you are most welcome to do so!

I’ve always loved IKEA’s idea of turning children’s drawings into soft toys, so this is my chance to do the same with crochet!