Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Holy guacamole!

In a previous post, I asked you to send some ideas my way for me to design and crochet.

A friend of mine messaged me saying:

Oooh, you could make Holy Guacamole, an angel avocado something 🙂

Is that a brilliant idea, or is that a brilliant idea?

It took me quite a few goes to get a shape I was happy with, but this is what I settled upon in the end:

Crochet holy guacamole

I named her Holly. Holly Guacamole. She’s very excitable and exclaims “Holy guacamole!” at just about everything. Quite cute really.

If I were to make her again, I would probably try a few changes.

Firstly, the brown I used for the seed was a lot darker than I originally imagined. That’s why I had to use white to embroider Holly’s features instead of black. I would much prefer her features to be black, so I would probably try a lighter brown next time.

Crochet avocado

Secondly, the avocado flesh is not as flat as I would like, so I would probably increase the number of increases in each round in the hope that it sits more flat next time.

Crochet avocado

Lastly, even though Holly’s wings are great for flapping (she’s constantly flying around the house), I think they would look cuter if they were a bit shorter.

Crochet holy guacamole

I’m not sure when I will make a second avocado. Not knowing if there is a market out there for my wares, I still feel a bit silly making lots of samples of the same thing. Maybe after I fulfil my next commission – a fox!

If anyone wants an angel avocado, hit me up!