Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Make Your Own Ceramic Hanging Planter with Sarana Haeata

Wowee. March just flew by!

Before any more time passes, I wanted to share some photos from a workshop I attended at Stackwood in February – Make Your Own Ceramic Hanging Planter with Sarana Haeata.

How cute is the shop at Stackwood?!

The technique we used was slip casting. Liquid clay (slip) is poured into plaster moulds. The plaster absorbs liquid from the slip, starting from the outside layer. The slip is allowed to sit in the plaster mould until the desired thickness for the ceramic ware is reached. At this point, the excess slip is poured off and the layer remaining in the mould (cast) is allowed to dry.

Slip casting

Waiting for the plaster mould to absorb liquid from the slip

Slip casting

Waiting for the cast to dry

Slip casting

After trimming the excess clay and putting the holes in for the hanging planter (including drainage)

Slip casting

My removed cast piece after cleaning

After our pieces were bisque fired, they were ready for glazing and decorating the next week.

As you never quite know how your ceramic ware will turn out, it was rather exciting when it came time to pick up our creations after they were glaze fired.

Drumroll please!

Handmade ceramic ware


I know they have a very ‘handmade feel’ to them with all the wonky lines, but given I did not have the ideal tools (I was working with a very large and splayed brush) and it was my first time doing anything like this, I’m relatively happy with how they turned out!

Handmade pottery

Check out the inside of my bowl! My upside down triangle geometric pattern serendipitously looks like a sun!

Handmade ceramic hanging planter

Here it is with the leather cords attached, ready for hanging!