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Dining with Little Miss Ling: RAKU, Canberra, Australia

I was in Canberra for work at the beginning of the year, and got to try a lot of new/new-to-me restaurants, with RAKU definitely being the standout. A colleague recommended RAKU to me,… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Cambridge Forum International Food Court

I friggin’ love this place. It’s local, there’s free parking, you can almost show up in your pyjamas, and the food really hits the spot. The first dish I ever tried, and also… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Melbourne, Australia

Everybody loves Melbourne. I visited Melbourne on three occasions when I was living in Canberra, but never really managed to get a sense of it. I visited Melbourne again in 2015 for a… Continue reading

Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Holy guacamole!

In a previous post, I asked you to send some ideas my way for me to design and crochet. A friend of mine messaged me saying: Oooh, you could make Holy Guacamole, an… Continue reading

Cooking with Little Miss Ling: Burgers

Every year, when summer rolls around, I gravitate towards recipes that are quick, don’t involve me sweating over a hot stove for long periods of time, and are light enough to eat in the… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Sauma, Perth, Australia

I discovered Sauma through a Qantas newsletter. There was an article about 18 of the best new restaurants to try in Australia. I scrolled down to Western Australia, and to my delight, there… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Malacca and Penang, Malaysia

Hubby and I recently went to Kuala Lumpur to attend a wedding and took the opportunity to visit Malacca and Penang. Food, glorious food! Most of the meals cost about 5 MYR, which… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Würzburg, Germany

Hubby and I have been back in Perth for two months now and there are so many exciting changes ahead! After two years of being a Hausfrau, I’m working fulltime again! People always… Continue reading

Gastronomical Spotlight: La Boqueria Market, Barcelona, Spain

You know how after a long period of travelling and eating out, your body starts craving fruit like crazy? Let me hook you up. If you find yourself in Barcelona and feeling this… Continue reading

Gastronomical Spotlight: Kartoffelmuseum, Munich, Germany

Just a five minute walk from the Munich Ostbahnhof is a little known treasure known as the Kartoffelmuseum (Potato museum). And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. A museum devoted to… Continue reading