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Dining with Little Miss Ling: Würzburg, Germany

Hubby and I have been back in Perth for two months now and there are so many exciting changes ahead! After two years of being a Hausfrau, I’m working fulltime again! People always… Continue reading

Gastronomical Spotlight: Kartoffelmuseum, Munich, Germany

Just a five minute walk from the Munich Ostbahnhof is a little known treasure known as the Kartoffelmuseum (Potato museum). And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. A museum devoted to… Continue reading

Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Street Art Workshop and Tour, Berlin, Germany

To break up, what can sometimes be, the monotony of sightseeing, I booked us in for the Street Art Workshop and Tour in Berlin. It was interesting to gain a bit of insight… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Around Western Europe in 33 Days

I know I’m a bit late to the game, but happy new year everyone! How did everyone ring in the new year? I was sound asleep on an overnight train from Vienna to… Continue reading

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋節快樂!

Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a Chinese celebration close to my heart. Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eight month of the Chinese calendar, and my Chinese calendar birthday… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Würzburger Weindorf, Germany

Tag! Lange nicht gesehen! Fret not! My absence from the blogosphere is not a reflection of my absence from the foodosphere. Oh no. It’s just that my impending Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer had… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Hotel Gasthaus Hirschen, Todtnau, Germany

Hubby and I took advantage of the long weekend last week and finally visited the Black Forest. It was more beautiful than I imagined. (Click to see full size image.) We stayed in… Continue reading

Gastronomical Spotlight: Schrannenhalle and Viktualienmarkt, Munich

I mentioned in my last blog entry that you can find the best goulash soup hubby and I have had to date at Schrannenhalle. What I didn’t say is that Schrannenhalle is not… Continue reading

Dining with Little Miss Ling: Favourite Eats in Munich, Germany

Hubby and I spent our first two months in Germany in Munich, so naturally, being the foodies that we are, we discovered some great dining spots. Since our flight from Italy landed in… Continue reading

Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Card Making with Kids

Lighthouse is a non-profit Christian organisation that supports socioeconomically disadvantaged families. I volunteer at the Lighthouse Creative Group/Kreativgruppe. We had a card making session last month, and each of the volunteers made a… Continue reading